$GEAR is a first-ever deflationary utility token burned with IDO profits.

This token is the backbone of the Generous Robots DAO ecosystem.

It's a unique game theory experiment.

by Generous Robots


Starting circulating supply is zero.

$GEAR is emitted only via staking.

There are lots of burning mechanics in place that reduce the circulating supply & increase the value of $GEAR through scarcity. More can be found beneath in the Demand section.


LP Rewards: 20%
Reserves: 5%
DAO / Future collections: 5%
Staking 2: 46.9%
Staking 1: 23.1%
Longer NFT Staking = Higher Payouts, Rewards below are for the GR NFTs

Staking Rewards

In order to create sustainable tokenomics we've built multiple token burning mechanisms.

This way we will make sure $GEAR does not depreciate in the future.

Burning Mechanisms


Decay Coefficient

Formula for the coefficient:

Emissions next month = 0.9602 * Emissions in the Previous Month

Tokens emitted will decrease in the future.
This way in about 60 months the emission of $GEAR will be close to zero - keeping it scarce and valuable.


Breeding along with the advanced burning mechanisms creates a sustainable long-term environment.
IDO profits will only add to that.
Staking Announced
More IDO tokens Purchased
Higher IDO Profits
More $GEAR Burned
Volume Traded
Floor Price