First Solana Launchpad providing both tech
and marketing support
Successful Launches
Why GR Launch?
Generous and Space Robots are one of the highest traded NFT collections on Solana with a double-digit floor price.

NFT projects in any ecosystem require sustainability to survive. This can be built through community value, partnerships, and even more.

The launchpad itself is led by the strongest leaders in the Solana ecosystem, full of successful developers, project managers, marketing professionals, community managers, and leaders in between.

Generous Robots established a high functioning source, that allows the community to benefit from an establishment of a native token - $GEAR.

We are here to help guide you through the process of establishing your "idea," to "reality." Even if you've already created your community and are ready for a launch, we are here to help provide an opportunity unlike any other.

Unlike other launchpads, we provide a complete suite of services - from the initial utility consulting to marketing and mint assistance!
In order to be eligible for these services, you need to be a Generous Robot holder!
7% mint
  • Standard Mint
  • or
  • Marketing
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10% mint
  • Standard Mint
  • +
  • Marketing
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15% mint
5% royalties
  • Customized Mint
  • Image Generation
  • Marketing
  • Discord management
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25% mint
10% royalties
  • Customized Mint
  • Image Generation
  • Marketing
  • Discord management
  • Consulting/Advisory
  • Tokenomics assistance
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  • 24/7 support with discord mods and community managers
  • Personalized budget plan with a detailed breakdown and analysis of each marketing tool
  • Access to the best SOL influencers
  • Project strategy consulting
  • Market research for your product/collection
  • Token Creation
  • Yield Farming Assistance
  • Development of advanced Emissions and Burning mechanisms based on game theory
  • Supply and Demand Model Creation
  • LP and Price setup
  • Smart Contract creation
  • Customized mint website (based on your design requirements)
  • Dutch Auction
  • Multiple whitelists
  • Image Generation
  • Discord bots (Whitelist wallets collection, Floor Price bot, Sales bot)

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