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Generous Robots DAO is a collection of 5555 randomly generated robots on Solana. 70% of mint sales and royalties will go directly to the community-led DAO fund.

Owning a Generous Robots NFT makes you a member of the GR DAO with voting rights. You can also get access to the governance forum and discord-private channels.

GR DAO members may opt to participate in Initial Dex Offering projects by holding launchpad tokens.
Generous Robots
the concept of DAO
Unlike other DAOs, Generous Robot DAO doesn't fractionalize its community wallet and pegg it to the token - instead, GR DAO gives holders the voting power to decide what IDO projects they want to participate in.
January 2022
Phase 0: Pre-Launch
- Incentives, competitions and giveaways to raise awareness
- Presale whitelist confirmed
- Partnering with other NFT projects

February 2022
Phase 1: Presale and Mint
- Generous Robots listing on Magic Eden and Solanart
- Listing on HowRare.is
February - March 2022
Phase 2: IDO participation
- Purchase of IDO launchpad tokens in order to have a maximum guaranteed allocation on the IDO launchpad
- Community decides the IDO projects to participate in
- Potential revenues from the IDOs are reverted back to the vault
- Community voting to choose the next launchpads

Long-term plans
Phase 3: Easy access
- Creation of the decentralized governance forum where NFT holders can submit their DAO proposals
- Community voting on the future activities of the DAO treasury
- Mini VC DAO fund to invest into upcoming crypto projects independently
What is an IDO?
Initial Decentralized Offerings are the successor of other crypto fundraising models, including initial coin offerings (ICOs), security token offerings (STOs) and initial exchange offerings (IEOs). Offering better and immediate liquidity at every price level due to its mechanics, IDOs are an excellent choice for new projects and startups keen to launch a token and access immediate funds.
Why an IDO model?
With the emergence of DAO communities, fractionalized wallets and tokens pegged to treasuries, the trend for NFTs that "generate passive income" has become extremely popular. While we appreciate all the efforts and great ideas of those projects – most of them either have tokens with no utility at all, or they just fractionalize their community vault that consists of other NFTs. Holders of Generous Robots will be eligible to earn real profit which will not depend on token appreciation - community vault gives them net income generated from the investments into the IDO projects.
IDO model vs fractionalized NFT vaults?
As we all know, when the crypto price appreciates, the NFT market goes down and vice versa. By participating in the IDOs we also provide people with a great diversification opportunity: crypto is down, your NFT price is up, and we still pay you profit from the IDO, NFT market is down – your IDO tokens go up!
Why can't I participate in the IDO myself directly, without your NFT?
The problem is that all the launchpads require you to stake their tokens in order to receive allocation to the project - and most projects require investors to stake at least $50000 worth of their tokens to be eligible for a high guaranteed allocation. What's more, the amount of allocation increases exponentially with the amount of the tokens staked - giving people with a lot of capital an unfair advantage. Most individual/retail investors simply can't afford to buy so many launchpad tokens - that is why we decided to create our DAO and act as a whale - we will get the maximal guaranteed allocation on behalf of our NFT holders and distribute all the profits to them!
Why Solana, why not Ethereum?
We want to create the best ecosystem and infrastructure for our community so they can make an actual profit with your investments. While Ethereum seems like a more popular choice, the drawbacks of network congestion and high gas fees outweigh possible benefits. That is why we decided to create our project on Solana. Extremely fast blockchain network, miniscule gas fees and much higher Sol token appreciation potential are some of the numerous reasons for that!
What is the mint date and the price?
Mint will take place on February 11, 2022. The price is 1 SOL for Public Sale. For the pre-sale, the price is 0.85 SOL.
I still don't get it, where can I read about it more?
We have created a detailed article that fully describes our DAO utility.
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