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Low barrier to entry world of private allocations
GR Ventures
Generous Robots Ventures is a decentralized venture capital fund for retail investors and blockchain projects.
We can estimate your company's opportunities, explore your economic status, analyze your vehicle access and foot traffic.
Marketing strategies
We develop the main conception of a company according to the company's targets and develop strategies of competitive advantage.
Branding concepts
We develop the strategy, conception, and ideology of the project and offer you city planning ideas.
Official, technical, legal, medical, financial, business documents, website translations, certified translations.
Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, whispered, and telephone interpreting for any kind of event.
Proofreading and editing
Correction errors in translation, mistranslation, typographical mistakes, or excessively literal translation.
Rewriting and copywriting
Adapting texts and documents to a brand new market and readership, choosing a suitable writing style.
Audio transcription
Conversion of speech (from an audio or video source file) into an electronic text document.
Multilingual subtitles
Transcribing the voice-over and the titles in the video. Synchronizing the subtitles and the video.
Latest Deals
Sound production and light creators. The company was awarded “White Leaf” in 2017.
The project is spread all over the world and works with kids, teens, and adults.
How to access?
The average deal is $400-500k, it is split between all Tiers and our VC members, bringing 500-1,200 initial holders to the project.
Our Numbers
The best way to improve your professional skills and increase your value.
Course fee
Directions of the learning program
Average number of people in a group
Meet our founders
Founders have been doxxxed by Magic Eden, Solanart and Rad Rugs.
@Priber, Alex
co-CEO, Developer
MS in Computer Science
Product Manager


@Meka, Tim
co-CEO, Tokenomist
MS in Quant Finance
Management Consultant
@Nasya, Anastasia
2D Artist, Creative Manager
@Mike, Michael
UX-UI Designer, Operations
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